Why should I become a member of HMS?

Hellenic Maintenance Society was the result of “maintainance” people’s desire to coordinate their efforts in upgrading the role of maintenance to a more effective management and application. Leading executives of enterprises as well as researchers through their annual meetings hosted by Maintenance Forums founded HMS in 2007.

Categories of Membership

Full Members

Individuals who demonstrably involved in the field of Maintenance, and are graduates of Higher Education in Greece or abroad, or they have attended relevant to the field of Maintenance training programs. Higher Education teachers or recognized research center and Trainers in similar programs of public or private sector (KEK, OAED or other), and those practicing in the maintenance organization consultant.

Probationary - Student Board Members

  •   Individuals, meeting the requirements of the class of Full Members, but wishing not to become immediately Full Members.
  • Individuals having an interest in Technology and Management of Maintenance, but are not qualified to be registered as Full Members.
  • Individuals having over five years of experience in an administrative or supervisory position in the field of Maintenance.
  • Students of educational institutions in Greece or abroad to which Technology and Management of Maintenance concerns the object of their study.

Club Members

Legal entities, whose interests and activities are within the scope of the Society represented by a number of representatives, the number of which depends on the employees number